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From SwissWatchExpo…  Spotlight on: the watches of  legendary director, Martin Scorsese. Martin Scorsese's more than 50-year career  has been marked by films of immense cultural,   historical, and aesthetic significance.

Critical and financial successes  like The Color of Money,   Gangs of New York, and The Wolf of Wall  Street are just some of his masterpieces. A towering figure in cinema, and  a long time lover of watches,   it’s no surprise that Martin is  also a long-time Rolex ambassador.

He combined both interests in 2008,   when he became a mentor for the Rolex  Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.   As an arbiter of taste, what does  Martin Scorsese wear on his wrist?   Check out the timepieces  of the legendary director.

Martin wears an 18 karat white gold Rolex  President Day-Date 40 with a blue dial.   Widely recognized as a status symbol, the  Day-Date comes exclusively in gold or platinum. A powerful statement piece, the Day-Date  40 comes in a 40 millimeter case that's   larger than the traditional Day-Date.

The contemporary size is matched by bold  styling – with a sharply fluted bezel,   faceted Roman numeral markers,  and polished center links. Martin also wears the 18 karat yellow gold version  of the Rolex Day-Date 40.

The original Rolex   President Day-Date donned by leaders the world  over, comes in the traditional 36 millimeter size. This is a modernized take that  answers the trend for larger watches. The Rolex Day-Date 40 is powered by  the new generation Calibre 3-2-5-5,   which offers remarkable minus 2 to plus 2 seconds  per day accuracy, and 70 hours of power reserve.

One of the watches that has  accompanied Martin in his career,   is the ruggedly handsome Rolex  Submariner in stainless steel.   He wears the reference 1-6-6-1-0, which  was produced from the 1980s until 2010.

A diver's tool watch at its core,   many watch lovers wear the Rolex  Submariner as a daily timepiece. With its versatile black dial and  bezel, resilient all-steel finish,   and sleek construction, the Rolex Submariner  is a timepiece for every occasion.

Enjoying this video so far? Subscribe to  our channel, and get updates on new videos. If Martin has the classic Rolex Submariner,   he also has the unorthodox yet  iconic Rolex Submariner Kermit. Launched in time for the 50th  anniversary of the Submariner,   the Kermit's green bezel was  a first in Rolex's range.

Now discontinued, this version of the Kermit  continues to be a prized collector's item,   and remains in demand in the pre-owned market. While Martin heavily favors Rolex watches, he  has one all-American timepiece in his watchbox:   a Ralph Lauren Automotive.

The watch speaks of Ralph Lauren's  love of cars and watchmaking,   as it takes its design cues from rare vintage  automobiles owned by the American designer. Much like his films, Martin Scorsese’s  watches are memorable and enduring.

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To get updates, subscribe to our YouTube channel. from swiss watch expo spotlight on the watches of legendary director martin scorsese martin scorsese’s more than 50-year career has been marked by films of immense cultural historical and aesthetic significance critical and financial successes like the color of money gangs of new york and the wolf of wall street are just some of his masterpieces a towering figure in cinema and a longtime lover of watches it’s no surprise that martin is also a long time rolex ambassador he combined both interests in 2008 when he became a mentor for the rolex mentor and protege arts initiative as an arbiter of taste what does martin scorsese wear on his wrist check out the timepieces of the legendary director martin wears an 18 karat white gold rolex present day-date 40 with a blue dial widely recognized as a status symbol the day-date comes exclusively in gold or platinum a powerful statement piece the day-date 40 comes in a 40-millimeter case that’s larger than the traditional day-date the contemporary size is mashed by bold styling with a sharply fluted bezel faceted roman numeral markers and polished center links martin also wears the 18 carat yellow gold version of the rolex day-date 40.

the original rolex president day-date donned by leaders the world over comes in the traditional 36 millimeter size this is a modernized take that answers the trend for larger watches the rolex day-date 40 is powered by the new generation caliber 3255 which offers remarkable minus two plus two seconds per day accuracy and 70 hours of power reserve one of the watches that has accompanied martin in his career is the ruggedly handsome rolex submariner and stainless steel he wears the reference 16610 which was produced from the 1980s until 2010 a diver’s tool watch at its core many watch lovers wear the rolex submariner as a daily timepiece with its versatile black dial and bezel resilient all steel finish and sleek construction the rolex submariner is a timepiece for every occasion enjoying this video so far subscribe to our channel and get updates on new videos if martin has the classic rolex submariner he also has the unorthodox yet iconic rolex submariner kermit launched in time for the 50th anniversary of the submariner the kermit’s green bezel was a first in rolex’s range now discontinued this version of the kermit continues to be a price collector’s item and remains in demand in the pre-owned market while martin heavily favors rolex watches he has one all-american timepiece in his watch box a ralph lauren automotive the watch speaks of ralph lauren’s love of cars and watchmaking as it takes its design cues from rare vintage automobiles owned by the american designer much like his films martin scorsese’s watches are memorable and enduring which watch was your favorite tell us in the comments section want to see more watch collections click on the upper right screen for our watch profiles playlist don’t miss out we launch two videos weekly on the best and latest in watches to get updates subscribe to our youtube channel you

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