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It’s, no secret that the price of watches is rising. Gone are the days when a rolex submariner cost, just a few thousand, with every passing wave of new releases comes a little kick in the pants of the RRP and there’s, no sign of its slowing.

Whilst this seems like a blow to the average enthusiast, it’s, just one perspective on the industry take a different view and you might be pleasantly surprised, [, Music ]. It may seem like all the good quality watchmaking has been taken by the pricing tsunami, but it’s, just a matter of where you look high quality.

Swiss watchmaking from a brand with significant history is not just the reserve of the bigger budget, because, thanks to a handful of brands like horas, there’s still hope yet take, for example, the chrono wrist date.

This is made by a brand founded the year before Rolex. That was one of the top 10 largest watchmakers in the world in its heyday, with over 800 people working to produce over 1.2 million watches a year.

The Chronos was one of those watches as 70s racing design, that’s back for the new millennium. Given the near insanity, vintage watch prices have been experiencing of late. The Crowe Norris not only offers excellent value for money at 1,450 pounds as a Swiss watch, but also as an alternative to something that actually heralds from 50 years ago, and it doesn’t fall into the trap of looking good but being oversized at 39 millimeters in diameter it hits the sweet spot without being too small or too big features are simple but effective, including the internal crown operated bezel and the Seletar SW 200 automatic movements.

Despite the name. This is not a chronograph and the choice of leather rubber fabric or steel straps offers a variety of styles to complement the gray or black dial options. But what you really get here is an attractive well built watch little scratch an itch much bigger than its price.

Would otherwise let on it was almost a century ago, when Bell Labs engineer, Warren Morrison made a discovery that would some half-century later shake the watchmaking industry to his core. The seemingly innocuous detail he revealed was that a quartz crystal when charged with a current vibrated at a frequency that could be used to accurately measure time.

This simple little revelation was to change the course of history forever, like the advancement of the computer chip or even electricity itself. The little shard of vibrating crystal in Morrison’s lab grew to become a multi billion dollar idea, not being one to guess.

Left behind having heralded the acceptance of the wristwatch in the first place, Rolex saw fit to develop a watch using this impressive new technology. The Swiss government had already funded the creation of the beta 21 course caliber, which Rolex contributed to, but the design was fraught with problems and so Rolex decided to take the idea in a new direction.

So what Rolex did was to take a mechanical 3:03 five, throw the escapement away and add a quartz oscillator one that beat four times faster than the beater 21. Naturally, from there, the movement is all mechanical with the oscillator driving a palette fork that provides motion to the going train and, ultimately, the hands.

This full-on mechanical approach is what gives the oyster quartz its backlash: free secondhand and its trademark tick. But there’s, so much more to the movement than that with Rolex, demonstrating one of the first examples of thermo compensation using a thermistor to monitor temperature and adjust voltage.

Accordingly, there’s, even an option for manual regulation. Such was Rolexes commitment to the pursuit of accuracy, but the craziest thing about the oyster course. This 70 styled prototype watch with its jeweled decorated.

Quartz movements is that at just over three thousand pounds it costs less than half the equivalent steel and gold day. Just today, omegas moon watch is no secret and neither is the story behind it. With 2019 being the 50th anniversary of the moon, landings Omega is being especially overbearing about the whole thing like that.

One guy in your office who brags about the same damn story to anyone within hearing distance. You know the one I mean the moon. Landings are good at all and a makers involvement is worth celebrating, but in amongst all this noise hides another fact.

That is also rather remarkable. It’s, hiding in plain sight and thanks to omegas obsession with telling anyone who stands still long enough, that its watches have been worn on the lunar surface has been somewhat overshadowed.

Perhaps a little background will make this clearer. Today, if you wanted to buy what many consider to be the only chronograph worth owning, despite not being selected by NASA, to go to the moon and make it will be keen to remind you, you’d, be headed to Rolex.

The Daytona is hot hot property right now, despite early sales misery in the 60s and despite an RRP of a whopping, nine thousand five hundred and fifty pounds is completely sold out and probably will be until humans go to the moon once more.

An unfair comparison, perhaps how about omegas own racer, the Seamaster bullhead chronograph, that is still a wallet busting, six thousand six hundred and twenty pounds. Perhaps now you’ll, see where this is going, because, right now in 2019, a speed master professional in full moon, wash spec with the stunning manually wound: caliber 186 one chronograph movement will cost you brand-new.

Just three thousand eight hundred and ten pounds lightly used. You can pay less than three thousand pounds. If that’s, not good value, then I don’t know what is sometimes people refer to something or someone as needing no introduction, but in the case of grande psycho, that’s.

Rarely the case. This little-known subsidiary of the monster that not only produces Seiko watches but a whole host of other imaging and electronic devices as well, has flown under the radar outside of Japan.

For a long long time, and even now, his mastery is often overlooked. Having risen to founder, Kintaro Hattori’s, challenged to beat the swiss at their own game, peeping every Swiss movement, botherby 221 courts in the 1968 swiss accuracy trials, the watchmakers at grande psycho hung up their loops, as the company focused his efforts on its Electrical endeavors, but although that was the end of a chapter, it was not the end of the story for grande Seco in 1998, grande psycho was revived and challenged with the same goal as it was a century ago to beat the Swiss and how about this? For a start, grande psycho makes every single part of its watches in-house everything.

Not even Rolex can say that take the dial, for example, specifically the hands and markers a seemingly innocuous, little addition to a watch that aids the clear telling of time, but for grande Seco. It’s, an opportunity to demonstrate handcrafted perfection to an almost unreasonable degree.

Each facet you see every brushed line has been applied by hand from a distance. The difference is merely reflected in the flash. The surfaces give you when they catch the light, but when you dare to look closer, the crisp edges and mirror finish, do not falter Rolex by comparison.

Doesn’t even make its own hands and because this particular grande Seiko makes use of the brand’s. Excellent 9 F course: movements with homegrown quartz crystal aged for 90 days and wind pulse control motor.

All this can be yours for less than three thousand pounds. We all dream of owning a watch made by one of the very founding fathers of Swiss watchmaking one fit to bursting with exquisite complication and expert finishing.

But for most of us that’s, a pipe dream that stands little chance of ever coming. True Patek, Phillipe, Vacheron, Constantin, Audemar Piguet. They’re all asking tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds for the kinds of watches we’d, sell our own mothers for, and so the dream is dead, but need it be.

How about owning a watch with multiple complications from the oldest Swiss watchmaker still around today? Better yet one with an exhibition case back that lets you pair as some of the best watch making in the world and as the cherry on the cake, one that you can purchase for less than that Omega Seamaster bull head mentioned earlier.

If this sounds like a cruel trick, believe me it’s, not this Blanc panel Amman, flyback, chronograph Grande date may have an expansive name, but its price is not quite so excessive new. It costs some ten thousand pounds very reasonable.

As you’ll, soon see but pre-owned you’re heading for half that. Why is that such a big deal for a start Blanc pans origins can be dated all the way back to 1735, that’s closer to the discovery of America than it is to the start of Michael Jackson’s solo career? Secondly, three numbers and a letter: six 9f8, that’s; the Frederic PJ based caliber that drives this thing and it’s, packed with complication there’s, a column, wheel, chronograph, flyback, of course, and a big date tucked in It’s; six o’clock so subtly it almost goes by unnoticed.

It takes three hundred and eighty two components to do all this: that’s about 25 percent, more than your average perpetual calendar, but it’s, really the beauty of the movement that seals the deal here.

Even the surfaces you don’t see are polished, turned striped and beveled. It’s. The kind of watchmaking exertion that warms the very cockles of their soul. The future of affordable watchmaking may seem bleak, but we’re, not licked.

Yet look in the right places and you ‘ Ll still find fine examples of the world’s best for budgets, less eye watering than you’d. Imagine if your passion for watches is about more than brand and status, then you’ll, soon find that things are looking very good.

After all, what’s, your favorite bargain luxury watch? What makes it such a good deal? Let us know in the comments below discover more exceptional watches at watch: finder, co, dot, uk ‘ If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe, if there are any other watches, you’d like to see reviewed, please let us know in the comments below

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